September 6, 2011

Preparation has been done since the dawn. In addition to breakfast, also provided food for lunch in Berastagi. Clothes for hot water bath in the Baths Sidebu-dust is also prepared. Travel to the land of the Karo began at 7 am, using a pretty nice car minibus. Week trip (4/09/2011) This morning went well, there is no congestion, only disturbed by the number of holes traveling on the highway leading to the tourist attractions of North Sumatra’s. Reportedly, the highway was damaged the cause of frequent travelers congestion feedback from Berastagi to Medan.

Sinabung Mountain

One and a half uphill journey winding through the hills of mountain chain is surrounded by residential population of Sumatra forests. The first objective of this trip hot water bathing sites Sidebu Debu. The smell of sulfur wafted strong enough when I got this location. This bathhouse is indeed a favorite place for Visitors who suffer from skin diseases are believed to heat water that is produced from sulfur mountains able to treat the disease. There are some great places here. Lebaran holiday make this location full of the visitors.
After two hours of soaking in hot water baths, continuing the journey to the town of Berastagi. The main purpose to Gundaling Hill, the hill gathering place for many families. Usually they are the main event for lunch. It’s true! What a delicious meal with family on the Mount Gundaling by looking at the mountain Sinabung. A breeze to add more and make sense of food getting unbearable. Another favorite event for children and parents, traveling with sado or ride a horse around the hill Gundaling.
Berastagi is famous as a producer of fresh fruit, if not complete without a tour to Berastagi buy fruits. Stop at the Fruit Market Brastagi simply create a desire for fresh buy for souvenirs home. Choice of fruit fall on citrus fruits and sweet potatoes. Enjoy the road-path.

Fadly Rahman
Jakarta, September 5, 2011



June 12, 2011

Beach of The Untung Jawa Island

The journey from Jakarta, leaving at 7:30 pm through cengkareng through Soekarno-Hatta airport complex into Malay village, Teluk Naga Tangerang, Banten. Arrive at Tanjung Pasir 2 hours later.
Continuing Traveling by using a motor boat sailing towards the island of Java Fortune. It takes only 30 minutes. The waves are not so large to make passengers enjoy the cruise. The cost of motor boats is only paid at a rate of Rp. 20.000, -.

Arrive at Port Untung Jawa Island, One of the Thousand Islands Area and immediately be able to enjoy the beauty of the coast of Untung Java Island that is not so far from the Port. Entering the island colony of Untung Jawa Island cleanliness maintained. Comfortable feeling surrounding the heart, it feels like to linger in these Island.

First of all looking for, definitely a place to stay. Many available Home Stay here. The fee of the price of Rp. 350.000, – to Rp. 500.000, – one night. After a quick break, before lunch. Time for lunch. Usually eat Lunch in the area of the archipelago, its side dishes are definitely fish. Enjoying lunch this time with grilled fish. Delicious taste. If you want to order food with a package price can too. Tariff snacks Rp. 10,000, – per person. Rates eat morning, noon and night, around Rp. 25.000, – up to Rp. 30,000, per person.
Do not forget! Enjoy the beauty of the Rambut island that still maintained its continuity, as well as other islands in the Thousand Islands.

May 28, 2011


May 16, 2011

Tanah Lot

Saturday, March 12, 2011, departed from Soekarno Hatta ride Lion Air at 11: 45 pm, arriving at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport at noon PST 2an. Car pick up from the Hotel Aston Grand Kuta who already booked a place to stay before bringing to the hotel. The distance is not too far between airport and hotel, just 30 minutes travel time.
After getting the room, resting for a moment and think about where to aim this afternoon and evening. But unfortunately, this day can not go everywhere. Bali and the surrounding rain. After buying snacks and mineral water, sit chatting in the lobby of the hotel.
Sunday, March 13, 2011, after breakfast at the hotel. Starting the streets of Bali to hire a motorbike. Besides cheap (Rp 50.000, – / day), faster bike to a destination. Moreover, the areas in Bali, a car packed with vehicles in various roads in Bali so jammed and choked.
The journey to the city of Denpasar via the Imam Bonjol takes 45 minutes with goals Mesium Bali. Looks beautiful city with a giant hedge perpohonan solid, soothing hot Denpasar city.
Entrance Mesium Bali Rp. 2.000, – per person and Rp. 1.000, – to use tustel and video cameras. Mesium Bali has a diverse collection of historical items, from tile work of the royal companions to ancient coins. There are also traditional clothes from the many ways the ceremony. The sculptures and paintings of the ancient Balinese artists. Mesium building which is donated by the kings of Bali.
Once satisfied to enjoy mesium Bali, it’s time for lunch and prayer dzuhur. Getting Ukhuwah Mosque on the street surrounding the island of Borneo which found the Muslim merchants who sell various merchandise. Including food for Muslims.
Continuing the trip to Kuta beach, enjoying the beautiful beaches of the island of Bali. But before going to the beach, stop by first to house relatives who are in Nata Estate, Pamogan. Around 4 pm PST, to Kuta, enjoying the waves and staring at the sun sinking on the horizon coast of Bali. But unfortunately, the cloud was too thick so that Sunset is not clearly visible. The streets filled with foreign tourists and local lights began to feed the Hard Rock Café in Kuta night.
Monday, March 14, 2011, Pickup arrived at 9:30 am. Toward Jimbaran. Not many activities carried out there. After transfer to the hotel. Back rent a motorcycle. Plan for 3 days this is Tanah Lot. Previously go buy a shirt “Joger” order friends. T-Shirt that produces funny words that have been very popular throughout Indonesia and abroad.
The trip to Tanah Lot journey takes 45 minutes through the beautiful rice field. Go to the Tanah Lot by buying a ticket Rp. 8,000, – per person. The beauty of Tanah Lot, soothing the eyes and hearts. Staring at the beauty of divine grace to the Land of Bali.
Staring at its beauty as if do not want to go and stay in the land of Bali. What a wonderful experience. Sunset in Kuta unseen the day before, today is evident. Waiting for the seconds sinking of the sun from a height of Park Tanah Lot.
Tuesday, March 15, 2011, the last day of the roads on the island of Bali. Plans to return to Jakarta in the evening at 8 pm PST. There’s still one day to enjoy the last streets on the island of Bali. This last day, take advantage of Travel agents to carry. watch the Barong dance and crafts center in Batu Bulan, Gianyar. There are several places visited include crafts Batik and Silver. Fruit purchased hand, not much since the day before had bought a souvenir at the center by-by Krishna.
Once you are satisfied to see and buy crafts a modest return to continue the trip to the beach of Nusa Dua. Entrance is free attractions. Large selection of water games here, from the speedboat, diving to enjoy the natural homeland of two or scour the sea turtle island. Quite satisfied hearts around Bali although not all places not yet visited.


November 3, 2010

Golden Dome Mosque, Depok whose original name Masjid Dian Al Mahri. The mosque is also a family tourist area and attract many people because the dome-dome is made of gold. In addition, an extensive yard and free to become a family vacation destination or just used as a resting place for the community.
The mosque was built by Hj. Diane Djuriah Maimun Al Rashid, a businessman from Banten, this mosque was built since 2001 and was completed around the end of 2006 and opened to the public on December 31, 2006. Masjid Dian Al Mahri has 5 domes. The main dome and four smaller domes. All the gilded dome 2 to 3 millimeters thick and mosaic crystals. The main dome shape resembles a dome of the Taj Mahal. Chandelier imported directly from Italy, relief decoration on the priest also made of 18 carat gold and the crown pillar of the mosque, amounting to 168 pieces layered material or waste prado gold. Many more features Masjid Dian Al Mahri this.


October 10, 2010


Maimun Palace is one of the iconic city of Medan, North Sumatra, is located on Talbot village, district of Medan Maimun. Designed by Italian architect and built by the Sultan of Deli, Ma’mun Al Rashid Perkasa Alam in 1888, Maimun Palace has an area of 2772 m2 and 30 rooms. Maimun Palace into a tourist destination not only because of old age, but also the unique interior design, combines elements of Malay cultural heritage, with Islamic style, Spain, India and Italy.
Entering the guest room (hall) Maimun Palace, there is a throne that dominated the color yellow. Crystal lamps illuminate the throne, as there is evidence of the influence of European culture. The effect was also seen in the palace furniture such as chairs, cupboards to sliding doors to the hall. The room area of 412 m2 is used for the coronation ceremony of Sultan Deli or other customary events. Until now, the hall was also used as a sultan received from relatives worship at the feast of Idul Fitri and Idul adha.
Masjid Al-Mashun Medan is located in the heart of the city exactly in Jalan Sisingamangaraja, although he was almost 100 years or a century (1906-2000), but the buildings and various ornaments still remain intact and sturdy. Heritage Deli Malay Islamic kingdom until now is still the pride of Muslims in Medan and North Sumatra. The mosque is designed with a blend of architectural styles the Middle East, India and European 18th century.
Is one of the relics Ma’moen Sultan Al Rashid Perkasa Alam – 9th Royal Malay rulers who ruled Delhi from 1873 to 1924. Masjid Raya Al-Mashun itself was built in 1906 on an area of 18,000 square meters, can accommodate about 1,500 worshipers and used the first time on Friday, 25 Sha’ban 1329 AH (10 September 1909).
Taman Sri Deli is located opposite the Grand Mosque Al Mashun, not far from the Palace Maimun. People call it the Garden or Swimming Sri Sri Deli Deli, which is said to be a daughter of Sultan Deli baths. Daughters were walking through an underground tunnel. There is a tunnel that connects the Palace Maimun, Swimming Sri Deli, and the Grand Mosque. pool was constructed during the IX Deli Sultanate, Sultan Mahmud Al Rashid Perkasa Alam, about 1910. The pool was a palace complex facilities children Sultan.


April 26, 2010



Taken only one hour journey by car using the vehicle from the East Java capital of Surabaya. A location of the legacy of historic relics of the Majapahit kingdom. Kingdom was established by Raden Wijaya was found in ruins in the district Trowulan, Mojokerto regency of East Java Province.


According to Ying-Yai Sheng-Lan is written by an adventurer named Mahuan China, described the city of Majapahit or Man-Che-Po-i. Majapahit king described as a place to live surrounded by brick walls. Palaces such as terraced houses and roofs made of thin wood assembled as ceramic tile. The floor was made of planks covered with mats woven pandanus and rattan.

Based on various written sources also showed that urban spatial description of Majapahit. Majapahit city oriented to the North. All important parts are in the south. The pattern of the city is divided into nine zones that are bounded by roads that intersect. King’s residence located in the middle, while the sacred bagunan located southwest of the city.

Found many important sites around Trowulan. Until now, historic sites have been found in 14 of the Majapahit kingdom. Majapahit which controls various ports such as Tuban, Gresik and Surabaya, so Majapahit has visited many foreign traders from Majapahit. Evidence from the many visits of foreign traders have been found in various archaeological objects such as ceramics, porcelain from China’s Song Dynasty, Vietnamese and Thai ceramics. Coins as a medium of exchange Majapahit also found money and money gobog Ma from silver or gold. There are also Chinese kepeng derived from the Tang Dynasty, Song, Ming and Qing prevailing in Majapahit.

Fadly Rahman

Jakarta, February 2, 2010

1. Drs, M. Si Kusumajaya I. Made, Drs. Soviyani Aris, M. Hum, Wicaksono Dwi Nugroho, M. Hum, Know Your Local Antiquities Majapahit Trowulan

2., Site Trowulan, Jakarta, February 2, 2010


April 23, 2010



Statue Of Gajah Mada

Majapahit experiencing triumph when mahapati positions held by Gajah Mada, Majapahit and deteriorated after abandoned by Gajah Mada Especially after the death of King Hayam Wuruk. The greatness of Gajah Mada, leaving the mystery of history itself, in Pararaton Nagarakertagama, and no self-revealing about the history of Gajah Mada. The mystery began to reveal a certain circle. As described by some people who say that Malays Gajah Mada was the son of Dara Petak. [1] The story is not too strong for the truth. According to Balinese belief that Usana written in Java, Gajah Mada was born on the island of Bali Agung and at one point moved to Majapahit. Gajah Mada not have Mom and Dad, but emanated from a coconut as the embodiment Sang Hiang Narajana to the top of the world [2]. According to Mohammad Yamin, suspect that Gajah Mada was born in Brantas river that flows between the foot of Mount Kawi keselatan-Arjuna. [3] Lamongan folklore tells that Gajah Mada Mada is a child born in the Village (now Modo, Lamongan). In the region named Pamotan Lamongan. [4]

Who actually Gajah Mada? In 1285 the king sent a messenger to Kertanegara under the leadership of Sriwijaya and mahapati Singosari Kebo Anabrang Adityawarman bring Amoghapaca charter and offer (apply) to the two daughters wedding Sriwijaya known as Pamalayu, because the gift of Sri Maharaja srimat Tribhuwanaraja Mauliwarmadewa and all the people Sriwijaya was very happy.

Chu-fan-chi compiled during the Sung dynasty (960 – 1279) Raj territory Melayu mentions that his power base in Dharmasraya comprises:

1) Pong-Fong (Pahang)

2) Tong-ya-nong (Terengganu)

3) Ling-ya-si-kia (LangKaSuka)

4) Ki-lan-tan’s (Kelantan)

5), Fo-lo-an (South Selangor)

6) Ji-lo-ting (Jelotong)

7) Ts’ien-mai (Seumawe)

8)  Pa-t’a (Batak)

9)  Tan-ma-ling (Tamralingga)

10) Kia-lo-hi (Grahi)

11) Pa-lin-Fong (Palembang)

12) Sin-to (Sunda)

13) Kien-pi (Kampai)

14) Lan-mu-li (Lamuri) [5]

Then the messengers of the kingdom of Java Singosari back to the ground by bringing two daughters namely Malays Dara Dara Petak and Orange who are the daughters of the Maharaja of Srivijaya Trailokya Maulibhusanawarmadewa. Journey to Java very long and dangerous let alone two daughters Maharaja was taken out by people who have not known very well by them. Maharaja ordered some of those tough soldiers to escort the two daughters of which are still Gajah Mada, who was still young.

Gajah Mada’s not the actual name, it’s just a nickname or given the royal title. Maharaja formerly Malays always gave the nickname or the name of honor to the soldiers-parajurit their best and always use the names of animals such as tigers Campo, Cats, Goats Forest, Dog Officer, Elephant Tongga There is also called the Binuang, Sigumarang, Si Kinantan, The Beetle and many others. [6] The title is still held up today for the people who contributed to the State. The names that honor always has a meaning and so does the designation of Gajah Mada. Mada in the language of the Minangkabau dialect Melayu construed as mischievous or can not be regulated, Gajah Mada So that meant big animals that can not be regulated or recalcitrant elephant. Robustness and fidelity Gajah Mada University and his colleagues against kingdom already recognized that they gained the trust to guard royal princesses to Java.

Up in the land of Java, they do not find again the kingdom Singosari and Kertanegara had died. At that point has been established a new kingdom called Majapahit which was established by Raden Wijaya (Kertajasa Jayawardhana). Raden Wijaya Dara Petak marry the King of Majapahit who later gave birth to the next ie Jayanegara and Dara Petak obtain a position as Permainsuri Majapahit kingdom, while Dara Orange became the wife by giving birth mahapati Dyah Adwayabhrahma Adityawarman who later became Maharaja of land Malays. While Dara Petak became as a son of the Empress and Crown Jayanegara Majapahit, Gajah Mada as a trusted soldier palace (Bhayangkara) who was escorting them. Formerly a soldier guards the palace or the royal family is the nearest and could be trusted. Gajah Mada is because the beginning was trusted by the Kingdom Melayu / Sriwijaya to escort the daughter of Dara Growing up during the Majapahit trusted to lead the soldiers who guard Dara Petak Bayangkara along with his son.

In 1309, King died Kertajasa Jayawardhana, who later replaced by Jayanegara King’s position. Rising Jayanegara be opposition from various circles at the Istana Majapahit including the governor because Jayanegara Wiraraja Nambi and Malays are descendants of indigenous descent and not Singosari. Then there was the rebellion both, which ultimately can be turned off. Dissatisfaction within the court continued, there was a rebellion and Semi-Kuti. Starting from this event, Career Gajah Mada up after he had rescued the king from attack Jayanegara Kuti and Semi. Later Gajah Mada also managed to quell the uprising. For their services, the Gajah Mada University in the lift to Patih KAHURIPAN and two years later appointed as Patih Kediri.

Happening of an event the assassination of King Jayanegara by physicians kingdom named Tanca. At the time King was having a sore boils as usual Tanca called to treat it but apparently there is no intention behind it to get rid of King Jayanegara. In the Prison by Gajah Mada unsuspecting finally managed to kill King Jayanegara Tanca. With very surprised, Gajah Mada Spontaneous drew his kris and plugged ketubuh Tanca to death. Tanca event is part of the opposition and discontent in the palace to the King Jayanegara. After the death Jayanegara, there was a power vacuum.

Finally Gajah Mada picked Tribuanatunggadewi Princess as the Queen and with her sister Rajadewi Majapahit Majapahit ruled together. Appointment of a woman as leader of Majapahit no problem for Gajah Mada, because kampong home of a woman or a mother is highly respected (Bundo Kanduang). Gajah Mada growing career, after successfully conquering fear and Sadeng rebellion. Finally Gajah Mada was appointed as Patih Majapahit. Then in front of the Queen Tribuanatunggadewi, Gajah Mada has vowed to conquer the archipelago under the Majapahit Kingdom, and the oath is known as the Palapa Oath.

(Milestones Gajak Mada). It is said that when the Palapa oath, Gajah Mada was stuck Milestones

The cornerstone of Gajah Mada

(Milestones Gajak Mada). It is said that when the Palapa oath, Gajah Mada was stuck Milestones

Adityawarman and together with other colleagues, managed to conquer the Elephant mada Nusantara like Kilkenny, Tumasik (Singapore), Bintan Island, Aru / Barumun, Tanjung Pura, Pahang, and so forth. During Hayam Wuruk, Gajah Mada Ceram expand such conquests, Bima, Ambon, Buton, Sumba, Timor, Makasar and sebaginya. This success makes Gajah Mada was appointed as mahapati Majapahit. There are some who have not subdued the kingdom of Majapahit kingdom in the Sultanate of Samudera / Pasai and the Kingdom of Sunda Galuh. This last kingdom, who made a career of Gajah Mada fall.

In 1357, Hayam Wuruk who has replaced his mother as ruler of Majapahit, there is a desire to try to bow Galuh Sunda kingdom by marriage. Hayam Wuruk apply for the daughter of Maharaja Sunda kingdom named Dyah Pitaloka Galuh. At the time of application event took place, Gajah Mada University has a desire Galuh Sunda kingdom merged and became a subordinate kingdom of Majapahit. Gajah Mada University has a lot to learn from the history of Majapahit, as did the kingdom of Melayu / Sriwijaya who had received a proposal from the king Kertanegara Singosari and allow his daughter to wife of one king Kertanegara Dara Petak although eventually married the daughter of Raden Wijaya, which is in-law of King Kertanegara which is founder of the Majapahit Kingdom who claimed to be the successor of the Kingdom Singosari.

Gajah Mada desire not welcomed by the Kingdom of Sunda Galuh, until there is a war that resulted in the deaths bubat bridal party including the Maharaja Sunda Galuh and consequently longer, daughter Dyah Pitaloka who know these events eventually committed suicide. Hayam Wuruk angry and fired as mahapati Gajah Mada, an event that lasts for two years. Nothing can replace Gajah Mada expertise in leading Kepatihan Elephant Majapahit and finally re-appointed, although his power was limited.

In 1364, Gajah Mada desire to go home to spend the rest of his life is very large, let alone have become Maharaja Suwarnabhumi Adityawarman. As the proverb says Malays in the land of the Golden Rain, Rain Rock in their own country which means seenek oneself living in the land of another’s even better to spend your life in the land of their own. The discovery of the alleged grave cemetery mahapati Gajah Mada University in North Bengkulu strengthen its origins as the Malays. This discovery is an extremely valuable historical evidence. [7] History of Gajah Mada disamar-disguise became clear.

After the death of King Hayam Wuruk and Gajah Mada, upheaval to fight over the throne of the King. The next King of Majapahit throne Wikramawardhana which is controlled by the nephew of Hayam Wuruk, while the son Hayam Wuruk named Wirabumi felt entitled to his position as king of Majapahit. In 1400, Wikramawardhana states stepped down as king and gives power to the son of Queen Sugita. This makes Wirabumi increasingly unhappy, there was a revolt over the years. To help her daughter’s rebellion, Wikramawrdhana finally returned from the hermitage of the rebellion can be quelled and killed Wirabumi. Since then, the Majapahit kingdom loses his authority in the eyes of his subordinates. So some subordinate kings declared their independence from Majapahit.


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April 23, 2010


Muaro Jambi temple complex

Muaro Jambi temple complex is situated on the banks of the river approximately 22 kilometers Batanghari east of Jambi city. Are in the area Muaro Jambi, Jambi Province. Muaro Jambi temple complex is the largest temple complex in Southeast Asia. Twenty times larger than the complex of Borobudur temple in Central Java and two times larger than the temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The complex has a spacious 12 square kilometers (about 2062).

In 1954, the sites of ancient Indonesian experts under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture, headed by R. Soekomo conclude there is a relationship of this site and the kingdom of Srivijaya. And many who believe that Muaro Jambi temple complex was the capital of ancient kingdom of Srivijaya or Malays past. Beginning in 2010, there are 11 temples have been restored and is still 82 temples that are still buried in the ground called Menapo by society around the temple.
Muaro Jambi temple complex
Was also found pottery mostly come from China Century IX to XIV. The fewer the number of pottery were also found the origin of Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Khmer (Cambodian), and Myanmar (Burma) which is made of porcelain or stoneware. Southeast Asian ceramic younger XIII century and thereafter.

In addition it was also found small amounts of ceramic beads of glass and stone. Also found gold coins, gold rings and gold jewelry pieces. Including artefacts found at the Site Muaro Jambi. Gold metallic objects is in the form of thin plates. And only a few bronze objects found in Jambi Muaro site.

Location of ancient buildings in the adjacent Muaro Jambi and the discovery of many other ancient objects, to convince the experts Sites linking ancient kingdom of Melayu Jambi Muaro Ancient (Sriwijaya). It is reasonable belief that no other site that has a density of ancient temple complex in addition Muaro Jambi.


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April 21, 2010


The roads to the city of Bandung, a city known as the city struggles with the slogan “Bandung Sea of Fire.” Travel from Lebak Bulus terminal to Bandung using bus transportation purposes in Bandung. The trip took about 2 hours, ending at the terminal Lewipanjang. From the terminal in the direction toward the city using public bus Damri Dago and alight at the junction of Jalan Riau. This area along the road known as culinary tourism. The first problem to be overcome until at bandung inn is a problem. Looking for a cheap but comfortable accommodation is not easy especially on weekends. Many guests that come from out of town special Bandung from Jakarta, which is the most visitors, they usually stay overnight and spend their weekends in Bandung.

Gedung Sate View

Finally can also inexpensive but comfortable lodging in the surrounding streets of Riau. Despite the impression the building is quite old, the Hotel Madju which has been operating since 30 years ago, quite fairly and in accordance with tourists who have a pocket pouch thin. Rates for standard rooms priced Rp.110.000, -. one night.

After a shower, rest and pray Maghrib, it is time to look for food. Only a few yards and dipisahi only 2 buildings which are very typical diner ie Restaurant “Rice bats.” The question for the travelers who did not know about this restaurant. Why the restaurant is called “Rice bats”? The answer this restaurant operates only at night only, from 3 hours after Maghrib till morning. Another unique feature of this restaurant is the red rice. It tastes delicious, making visitors feel loss even have to queue long enough.

Rice Bets Restaurant

The next day after getting enough rest and sleep. After prayers Shubuh, according to initial plans to enjoy the atmosphere of the morning on the Ground Gasibhu and Gedung Sate. Strolling Bandung to enjoy the fresh morning air. Looks of Bandung exercising and surrounding communities in mind, their goal must be to the Field Gashibu. It turns out these allegations wrong, they actually work out in Cilaki Park not far from the field Gashibu. Park long and separated by the road splits.

Up on the Ground Gashibu, seen a lot of street vendors. Each Field this weekend and the roads around Gedung Sate of street vendors who used to hold merchandise. Already hungry stomach can not take a compromise again. Breakfast with Lontong Vegetable Sate Building, looking at the splendor and enjoy the atmosphere of Bandung in Square Gashibu, it would be interesting and fun experience.

source : Fadly Rahman,,Jakarta, 18 April 2010


April 21, 2010

The journey takes Cidahu for 3 hours. So happened that afternoon was not too crowded at the toll-Ciawi toward the Bogor-Sukabumi. Travel a little choked up when they arrive at Cicurug Market, in addition to the course of defective, passing by people who follow the road walking slowed. Escape from the hustle Cicuruk Market, roads slowed the car arrived at the crossroads of three Cidahu. The car turned left into the road to Villa Cidahu Space.


The streets are small but enough vehicles traveled the local community. During the trip seemed newly harvested rice field and from a distance looked green mountains of Mount Salak. It’s beautiful panorama creation Allah.Setengah hour drive from Sukabumi-Cidahu crossroads, finally arriving to your destination. Gate door thereon villa there is a replica aircraft opened from the inside.
Cold night through the skin. Still feels cold even had to wear a jacket, socks and gloves. After dinner, there are also roasted corn and fried bananas bandrek equipped with warm drinks.
In the morning, enjoy the scenery from the villa of Outer Space, the fog that covered the Salak mountains, little by little began to disappear. Self-satisfied environment surrounding the villa is quite spacious.

source: Fadly Rahman,, Jakarta, April 6, 2010